CEO & Founder Maya Andreea Rehman 

My name is Maya Andreea Rehman and I am a highly trained beauty professional with over 9 years of working within the Spa and Beauty Salon industry. I am a Certified Master Lash Artist as well as a qualified trainer. I am privileged to be the only trainer covering the whole of Scotland for UK Lash Institute as well as successfully running my Maya’s Lash Studio & Academy catering for clients in Renfrew and surrounding areas of Glasgow as well.

Having relocated from Romania to Scotland 10 years ago I began my career in the beauty industry specializing in all treatments a beauty salon requires. In 2015 my passion for beauty drove me to kick start my career within the eyelash extensions industry which was a very niche market at this time.

My fascination in this industry drove me to participate in many seminars, conventions, competitions, conferences, as well as thoroughly researching this industry through many digital channels i.e. YouTube, Social Media, forums, and blogs. I have gained my expertise from high-level training/mentoring from experienced experts from all corners of the world to make sure I have the correct knowledge to make it successful in this very niche business.

My dedication to this business has gone from strength to strength through producing superior styles all the while conscientiously looking after the health of my client’s natural lashes. I am constantly up-skilling and learning the newest and most innovative of concepts and I have a deep passion to pass these skills onto my students and staff alike to ensure their success in this fast-paced industry.

Over the past 3 years have attended many conferences and competitions I part organized Scotland’s very first Lash Conference courtesy of Lash Inc. I was privileged to also be a speaker at this event at the very prestigious Balmoral Hotel in the Heart of Edinburgh in April 2016.

My enthusiasm in this industry has also seen me aid many other conferences around the UK including:

  • Sunborn Super Yacht in London by Lash Inc. & UK Lash Institute (10th May 2017)
  • Lash Inc. Beauty stand at London Olympia Beauty Show in 2016
  • UK Lash Institute stand at London Olympia Beauty Show in 2017

My hard work and dedication in this industry has also seen me win multiple international awards:

  • 2nd place for Classic lashes at Global Lash Summit – By Loreta Jasilionytein 2015
  • 2nd place Coloured lashes At Strictly Come Lashes competition in 2017
  • 3rd place Online lash art competition At Strictly Come Lashes competition in 2017

My goal for 2018  to see my new Studio & Academy succeed and to help others in this fast growing industry as well as compete in competitions and attend more conferences.

As the saying goes “An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest”!