What are Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions?

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Eyelash extensions are as common today as mascara once was. And there are lots of options. There are those that can be purchased in stores and put on or off at will; there are those that are glued into place by a cosmetologist – these last for a few weeks or more and fall off gradually.

Russian volume

Both of these options will add length to your lashes, and that is a good thing. But, if you really want lashes that look totally natural, like those you were born with, you need volume as well as length. You need Russian volume eyelash extensions, a product developed in Russia in 2010 but one that has now become a global trend.

Why Russian Volume Extensions are Better Than Traditional Ones

As already said, the Russian extensions add volume as well as length, to give a more natural look.

But consider these other benefits too:

1. Traditional eyelash extensions can be heavy. They will put stress on the natural lashes, weighing them down and even causing damage too.
2. Because of the weight, traditional lash extensions will also fall off faster. And that will require fill-ins much more often.
3. The amount of volume with Russian lashes can be selected, with anywhere from two to eight lashes being added to a single lash. And the weight is still less than a single lash extension of the traditional types. Once you have chosen the number you want, they are applied and then fanned out for the volume you want. The recommendation for very thin lashes, though, is probably at a level of 2-3, so that they look natural and do not add weight to such a small lash base.
4. The volume aspect of these lashes means that they will fill in gaps between sparse lashes, providing a fluffy and soft look.
5. It is a false belief that the Russian volume lashes require more adhesive, but this it totally not true. In fact, these new lashes actually need less glue.
6. Another benefit of the Russian lashes is that they tend to look darker than other extension types. This means you may not need to add mascara at all.

What You Can Expect During and After Application

1. The first step is to choose the mount of volume you want – from two through eight for each lash. You may want to rely on the technician for some advice based upon your current lash conditions. A technician experienced in Russian volume lashes will be able to recommend the right amount of volume.
2. The application process can take up to two hours. But there certainly is no discomfort. Many people actually fall asleep during the process.
3. You can expect the lashes to last four-six weeks, depending on how you maintain them. You should not get any water on your lashes for at least the first 24 hours, so that the glue can fully dry. Other recommendations are the same as for traditional extensions. Do not rub your eyes a lot and do take some care in the shower when you wash your face.
4. You should not wait until they are completely gone before you return for application again. If you go for “fill-ins” regularly, it will cost you less in the long run, and you will not have to go with your original thin lashes ever again.

Once you have experienced Russian volume lashes, you will not ever want to go back to traditional extensions. The look you get will be something you will not want to lose so Book now and start your treatment as soon as possible.

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